Five things

My approach here is to have a mechanism to review the massive unread list of articles I’ve saved to Pocket; to mindfully reflect on the other content that moved me of late; and to hopefully share something that you like or find helpful.

1) Nick Cave on grief

Grief became both an act of submission and of resistance — a place of acute vulnerability where, over time, we developed a heightened sense of the brittleness of existence. Eventually, this awareness of life’s fragility led us back to the world, transformed… in time, there is a way, not out of grief, but deep within it. (The Red Hand Files)

2) Leading with optimism bounded by realism

Optimism that springs from authentic values and trust in people’s capabilities can be the source of energy for everyone in the organization to move forward. By contrast, optimism without meaning or grounding may lead to disappointment and defeat… Meaning helps everyone remember that difficult times and long hours of work serve a purpose… Leaders with bounded optimism leverage meaning and personal stories to build connections. (Jacqueline Brassey and Michiel Kruyt, McKinsey & Company)

3) Hildur Guðnadóttir — Bridge of Death 

4) @mikemikecat on Instagram

5) Domes — Bonfire of the Vanities

The new single from my band, Domes. Read my post on the allegory of the song.

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